Project Description

Maimone Giuseppe Alessio’s Nursery is a company located in the municipality of Milazzo (ME) in the hamlet of S. Marco, which has been operating for over 120 years. It operates on an area of about 40 hectares, divided between open land and covered structures. Its activity is vine production, both wild and grafted, production of fruit trees and in particular ornamental plants of Citrus, Olive, Callistemon and Cycas Revoluta. Those who relate to our company know that two are the cornerstones of our mission: product quality and customer care. To achieve these objectives we are committed to following the entire production and commercial process directly and with the utmost care.



Via Garrisi, 133 C/da S.Marco
98057 Milazzo (Me) Sicily (Italy)
Tel: +39 337958704
Tel: +39 3441022579
Tel: +39 0909210317