Project Description

Milazzoflora embraces at today’s date, 21 nurseries of an area in the northern Sicily including Milazzo plain territory. Nurseries in that area were born and developed at the end of the seventies as a natural consequence of the crisis of viticulture and horticulture, but above all, for the pioneering initiative and courage of some horticultural producers who believed in the development of a new agricultural sector. With the experience gained through the years and with the various cultivation introduced, our productions are placed with satisfaction into internal and abroad markets.

The typical products of nurseries members are plants belonging to different family and species, but all grown in pots in different shapes and types  such as olive trees, citrus, grevillea, polygala, cytisus, bougainvillea, oleander, mimosa, leptospermum, myrtle, kentia, gardenia , chamaedorea, mandevillea, Sundaville, plumeria, stephanotis, and a wide range of ornamental and fruit trees and subtropical plants.


Società Consortile Vivaistica Milazzo Flora
Sede legale: Via dei Mille is. 101 – 98100 Messina
Sede operativa: C/da Grazia (C/o Autotrasporti SACCA’)
98057 Milazzo