Project Description

In the sunny landscape of the north-east sicilian coast takes place the MilazzoFlora horticultural consortium. MilazzoFlora is a group of established and experienced producers that during 10 years has developed a set of logistics and production dynamics that makes the consortium a concrete reality on which the national and international market can rely on. MilazzoFlora will provide to his clients a professional and attentive approach by being always available to all requests and constantly updating the weekly available stock with a wide range of nursery products (Mediterranean, Tropical and sub tropical plants) results of over 200 species grown on a total of 90 hectares of land (40 hectares in a protected environment). The availability of over 900 types of ornamental plants in a single price list allow us to be highly competitive on the market, that together with the shipping system (carried out by established and reliable transport company), makes MilazzoFlora an highly professional partner to work with.



Contrada Grazia
98057 Milazzo (ME) – Italy
Tel/Fax: + 39.090 929 62 93