Project Description

Our young, dynamic company specialises in growing ornamental citrus and olive plants and in marketing typically Mediterranean plants. Located within a plant nursery district, Piante Imbesi nursery covers an area of approximately 40,000 square metres, over a half of which are covered with tunnel greenhouses, and which is continuously on the increase. Its deep integration into the surrounding area along with a dense distribution network in action, and its tendency towards internationalisation are the company’s strong points, providing the best conditions for lasting growth.
Moreover, combining standard items with niche products has boosted our added value in terms of product diversification, making it possible for our business to gain a powerful image in the European markets. Our products spotlight: Lemon, Kumquat, Calamondin, Orange, Mandarin, Clementin, Grapefruit, Green Lime, Lime Purcha, Lime Caviar, Hystrix Combawa… Olive.



Via Maceo, 316 Bis
98050 Terme Vigliatore (Messina) – Italy
Tel. /Fax: +39 0909781987