Project Description

Sicilia Verde, situated in the province of Messina, with its 18 hectares covered by greenhouse and anti-hail, is one of the most prestigious ornamental and olives trees producer, widely known for its aesthetic and symbolic value.
In Sicilia Verde we work every day to complete a process of treatness and attentions which begins a year before, and which aim is to bring trees to its most magnificent condition, ideal for its saling process.
Thanks to its 30 years experience, its passion for ornamental trees and its continuous research and trial activities, Sicilia Verde has improved ancient and modern cultural thecniques, always consistent with certification protocols and the highest qualitative level.
This made Sicilia Verde able to satisfy and to move up the last market requests. In fact, sicilia verde has been using for its trees just low-toxicity products for a few years now; in order to make fruits edible.


Via del Mare Vigliatore Terme Vigliatore (ME)
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