Project Description

Vigo Gerolamo company deals with production, marketing, trade and transport of pot plants. It’s divided into different independent companies, each one operating swiftly and professionally, in order to streamline workflow: Vigo Business and Logistic, managing and trading pot plants; Vigo Floricoltura, carefully following production and growth of plants through a step-by-step approach; Vigotransport, a transport company with a significant vehicle fleet, adequately equipped and skilled.

Vigo Progress, a company offering and promoting new events and opportunities to increasingly aware and demanding customers. Vigo has also developed a series of customized product lines, focusing on pot herbs: Aroma Riserva, Aromatic color, Aromatic memories, Chili pepper passion, Green pack, Green pack Wood, Lavanda Gold, Lavanda Nuance, Menta Mojito, Mix Clayette.


Regione Camporette,9 Albenga (SV)
Tel: +39 0182 5583205
Fax: +39 0182 542144