Project Description

In 1870 Gennaro Imperatore started a small family green house farm in Naples. Despite few money resources, the small businessman didn’t stop his daydreaming: in a few years he succedeed in becoming one of the few providers of the Royal Family.

Nowadays “Vivai Imperatore” continue their flourishing activity on 70 hectares and more, thanks to the mild climate of their land near Caserta and skillfully lead by Antonio, Gennaro, Giovanni and Vincenzo, the Imperatores’ brothers. The plant production is held in Caserta’s province, where more then ten sites are located and completely devoted to plants growing. Selling is in the head office in Pignataro Maggiore (Ce).


S.S. Casilina km 189,900 Pignataro Maggiore (CE)
Tel: +39 0823 871350
Fax: +39 0823 654574