Project Description

AsProFlor (Associazione Produttori Florovivaisti (Producers Plant Nursery Association) is a National Association, independent and autonomous, with the aim to collaborate with all its members, public authorities, organisations and associations of the sector, unions and politicians that want to contribute to the development and growth of Italian plant nursery, promoting the use of plants and flowers in decorations of areas dedicated to city green, both in the private and public field.
157 partners adhere to AsProFlor, united by a sole objective: promoting the image of Italian floriculture, green quality tourism and the role of flowers in everyday life oft he urban fabric. In this respect we confirm the numerous initiatives carried out in ist thirty-eight years of activity.
The constant presence in national and foreign fairs and the brilliant participations in exhibitions and shows allowed obtaining over these years dozens of national and international awards.
Since 2004 the Association promotes the quality brand Comune Fiorito, the yellow sign with red colored flowers, is attributed to towns and cities throughout the peninsula that are committed through the blooms to the development of the local economy, tourism and environment.
AsProFlor is the custodian of the Comune Fiorito brand and is the only Italian partner of the European Entente Florale and Worldwide Communities in Bloom.



Associazione Produttori Florovivaisti
Via E. Gallo, 29 – 10034 Chivasso (TO)
Tel.: 011 9131646 – Fax: 011 9107734