Project Description

Coppolino. Founded in 1999, this company was created with a love for nature and a respect for the natural environment.
In the beginning there was only an orchard and there where many problems to overcome. Soon our passion for this projectmeant we worked hard to improve and develop our growing techniques. We were always encouraged by our customers.
For the last four years we have taken part in a large fair called Padova FLORMART where we were able to showcase our product for both local and international customers.
With an attention to detail and quality, Nursery Coppolino employs a staff comprised of family members and local people from our close knit community. As a result of the dedication and love of our members the company has grown into a specialized producer who is able to supply products of the highest quality.



Sede legale:Via Stracuzzi n. 82 Terme Vigliatore
98050 (ME) ITALY
Azienda: Contrada Mollerino, Terme Vigliatore
98050 (ME) ITALY
Cell. : +39 3477096310 – +39 3471367521
Tel/Fax: +39 0909781246