Project Description

The Company was born in 1929, under the name of Cav. Francesco De Laurentiis Plants and Grapewines Nursery; with the passing of the years it has gone through a great enlargement introducing many kinds of ornamental plants in the production. The favorable microclimate, on the borders of Maiella National Park, ensures the excellent quality of the products. For the in-vase production De Laurentiis Nursery is provided with a cutting edge system able to make customized mixtures of high quality topsoil for any single kind of plant.

Our Company is specialized in the in-vase production from 3 to 18 liters of conifers, miniature conifers and varieties of bushes. We grow plants without using fertigation methods, only using biocompatible topsoils with controlled-release non-pollutant fertilizations, and we water with pure spring water with systems helping optimizing water wastes.


C. da Cipollaro, 24 Casoli – (CH)
Tel: +39 0872 982326
Fax: +39 0872 993657