Project Description

The company “Vivai Valenti piante” borns in Terme Vigliatore, a city placed in the beautiful Tindari’s Gulf, in front of “Isole Eolie”. On a surface of 5 hectares, there is the seriousness and the professionalism of the Valenti’s family, employed in the agriculture sector from three generations. We follow the growth of every plant with passion, providing our clients the quality of our products. In the nursery we use the most innovative growing methods, respecting all the cultures requirements.

We commercialize our products in Italy and in foreign countries. Valenti Piante Vivai is one of the reference company in citrus and olive ornamental and industrial trees production. The quality of the plants and the broad range of varieties allow Valenti Piante Vivai to be an active company in the nursery-gardening market.


Via Salicà, 27. 98050 Terme Vigliatore – Messina –Italia
Tel./Fax +39 0909749351 – Cell. +39 368 7320814
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